Hosting at Scale

Hosting at Scale

When you move to production with Content Controller, security and uptime become important. If you follow the Deploying in AWS instructions, then we’ll explain how to deploy with these concerns in mind.

Production Environment

These architecture diagrams look at what a production-grade Content Controller environment should look like in Amazon Web Services. If you aren’t using AWS, it should still be similar (minus CloudFront and S3).

High Level Overview

Networking and Security Overview

Some key points to take from the diagrams:

  • Application and database servers should be in a private subnet (inaccessible from the outside world) and should be spread across availability zones, if possible.
  • Your Ansible server will need to be in the public subnet along with the load balancer, or you will need a VPN connection to be able to access the Ansible server via SSH.
  • Database access should occur through a VPN or through the Ansible server over an SSH tunnel.

Managed Hosting

We also provide managed hosting services for Content Controller, which can be a great alternative if you need to get a large-scale production installation up and running quickly.

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