Initial Infrastructure Setup

This guide will go step-by-step through deploying Content Controller in a high availability setup to Amazon Web Services. If you already know your way around AWS, feel free to just use this as a reference, and follow your own practices. If you prefer to save some money and only deploy to one availability zone, that’s fine - just skip the multi-AZ settings.

Create an AWS account. If you already have one, we’ll create new Virtual Private Cloud for Content Controller to operate from. Before you begin, make sure you have your AWS account number, your keypair.yml file (provided by Rustici), and access to your domain’s DNS records.

AWS Account Security

Take some time to review the IAM Best Practices guide. It’s a good idea to lock down your root account and use an IAM user for yourself. Also, consider using AWS multi-factor authentication along with Authy or Google Authenticator.